Dr. Elaine Kasowski Ph.D.

Dr. Elaine Kasowski Ph.D.



My many years working as a psychologist have taught me that growth on practically any issue is possible with motivation, and that a person’s strengths are key to achieving one’s goals.  In listening I am every bit as attuned to an individual’s gifts and coping skills, as I am to the challenges faced.

I try to foster a comfortable atmosphere as the process depends on feeling at ease to say what is on one’s mind.  Clients with whom I have worked most often comment on my listening well and deeply, and that I have helped them make connections that are extremely valuable in identifying a path that is right for them.

I work with adolescents and adults on a range of problems including relationship issues, anxiety and depression. I am certified for alcohol/substance use treatment, and have trained in mindfulness meditation.  My approach involves working together to attain an in-depth awareness of the problem, and utilizing that emotional and logical understanding to achieve goals.  Respect for clients’ needs is of fundamental importance—privacy and ethical adherence support a sense of trust and help people feel safe to put their feelings into words.

It may be difficult (and sometimes scary) to try and find a psychologist who is right for you. My advice would be to meet with the prospective counselor, and then trust your own feelings of comfort in talking.  Search until you sense a good connection.