My Philosophy

The mind, like the body, has a wonderful ability to heal. Over the last century we have learned a great deal about how to enable growth. There are many different approaches in the field of psychology, but almost all have in common the idea of helping a person express his or her thoughts and feelings within the context of an empathic, safe relationship. I am guided by the idea that when a person says everything he or she is in the best position to find a good solution. The therapist facilitates this by being sensitively attuned, listening in a nonjudgmental way, asking thought provoking questions, and helping to make both emotional and logical connections. Patience is especially important as patterns may have a long history, and while there are ah-ha moments, growth is most often incremental.

A key ingredient of change is motivation. Given that, a person is capable of growth at any age, and I have been impressed with the understanding and creativity of children, the tremendous energy and grasp of adults, and the wisdom of seniors.

Like a good parent, a competent therapist provides a good enough environment for growth to take place. We remain attuned, knowing that the best answers lie within the client.